Magic Drafter

Deckbuilding and Brewing Features Coming Soon (Apply for the beta below)

“Magic Drafter is the best drafting app that I've used. It will help you for that FNM or tournament that's coming up.”

Matthew Zubritsky, Magic with Zuby

We're continually working to make this the best MTG Draft simulator possible. Now we're excited to finally start working on adding great constructed features too!





Here's the inital idea of what we're going to put into the app. We're trying to just keep it simple and make what you'd expect.

We really want something great to test our sweet EDH, Modern, Pauper, and Standard decks. We're planning to put careful design and usability into this so that it has the same feeling that holding real cards gives and the power of a search bar.

We want better ways to brew, build decks and playtest. We’re hoping you do too.

Coming soon

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