My name is Eric Yoo and I have been playing magic for over 10 years. While I haven’t played competitively for a long time, I do feel that I am ahead of the curve. I look forward to writing here on 5 Color Combo and hearing your thoughts and responses on what I have to share.

I was first introduced to the game during elementary school. I have always had an affinity for cards games. Anything from playing cards to other trading card games such as, Magic, Pokemon, Yugioh, and etc. However, nothing ever really felt the same as playing Magic the Gathering. The layers of interactions and the depth of the game is what really got me.

While I was introduced to the game during my elementary years, I didn’t begin my competitive play until my middle-high school years. I played Friday Night Magic at the local game shop and that’s was where the “magic” really started to begin. My friend and I played frequently at the local store where one of the other patrons decided to sponsor us for bigger events. From there on out we grinded not only the FNMs but Junior Super Series as well. JSS was the reason why I was able to legitimize traveling to play magic to my parents.

Present Time

Fast forward almost a decade, where I recently played my first Grand Prix in Los Angeles during October. Prior to GPLA I played close to no Magic due to having to work graveyard shifts at work. My friends compelled me to play considering it was one of the closer GP’s available to us and boy was I glad I did. I finished 10th. This not only let me cash out, but changed the way I viewed the game.

Shortly after my finish at GPLA, I participated in a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier in December. I had no intentions in playing at the PPTQ. However once again, my friends convinced me to sleeve up and play. I managed to go undefeated in the swiss until the final round where I was paired down to a player I normally play with at a local shop. Knowing that I was a dead lock for the Top 8, I scooped to place him in there alongside myself. I’m sure it was by karma that I won that PPTQ.

Something to know about PPTQs is that once you win one for a season, you can’t play any more during the corresponding Regional Pro Tour Qualifier season, which is about three months. Considering that I won so early in the season, it barred me from playing any more high level competitive magic besides the RPTQ I qualified for. I was disgruntled and upset, but had high hopes for the RPTQ. I ended up Top 8’ing the RPTQ but proceeded to lose in the quarterfinals. If you finish 5th-8th in an RPTQ you re-queue for the next RPTQ, but if win your quarter finals match you qualify for the Pro Tour. Since I lost my match, I re-queued for the next RPTQ.

As previously stated, my magic seasons was cut short due to being qualified for the next RPTQ. However when the most recent RPTQ came around, I Top 8’d once more and then proceeded to win my quarterfinals match. That means I am going to the Pro Tour! That’s where I’m at now and I look forward to reporting back after I play at Pro Tour Milwaukee in October.

A photo of Eric Yoo Eric Yoo

Eric Yoo is a competitive magic player who has had minor success and is hoping to break through someday. He enjoys playing all constructed formats and limited. Most importantly the friendship. #mtgfriendship