“Spontaneous combustion is a myth. If you burst into flame, someone wanted you to.”

This is part 3 of my, er, I suppose you could call it a series introducing the lore behind the awesome game Magic the Gathering.

For those that are new and haven’t read the previous posts, allow me to explain my goal with these.

I aim to talk about the Magic lore and all it’s characters, places and major events in a condensed way.

If you find this interesting at all below I’ll link the previous two entries.

With the release of the MTG Origins Wizards of the Coast rebooted the origins of our five heroes, a subject I mistakenly didn’t touch up on in my entry on Jace so I will briefly discuss it now. This reboot allowed for Wizards to create a much more aligned, accessible, and relevant story. Making revision in regards to how they go about telling their narrative.

But for the full explanation why this change was made, here is a link that talks about it in full.

As an obvious result Chandra’s origin was changed as well but I will mention the alternate version at the bottom of this segment.

Finally, onto my personal favorite planeswalker, Chandra Nalaar.

Chandra Nalaar was born on the plane of Kaladesh. A plane that can best be compared to a steampunk-esque world, where things that would normally be accomplished by the use of magic are instead accomplished through the use of machines and devices. Kaladesh also has an extremely strict ban on fire magic of any kind and any form of pyromancy is punished with a death sentence.

In a world full of inventors Chandra spent her first years growing up as the black sheep. Which is a common theme among the five planeswalkers because of their abilities. However, she quickly embraced her uniqueness and independence with the help of her parents, Pia and Kiran Nalaar.

But the life of Chandra was soon to change because of her renegade parents. Pia and Kiran constantly went against the oppressive rule of Kaladesh’s higher ups, The Consul, resulted in the constant hunt of the Nalaar family. Most notoriously known for trafficking Æther, an energy residing in the Blind Eternities, Pia and Kiran were eventually caught and brutally punished. The Consul took this opportunity to accuse Chandra of crimes she did not commit and sentenced her to execution. She was taken to the city of Ghirapur to be publicly executed in the Arena, by Baral, an officer of the law.

As Baral swung his sword Chandra’s planeswalker spark ignited right before the blade reached her throat. As a result, her captors and enemies were all doused in flame shortly before her spark transported to the plane of Regatha.

The Purifying Fire

The Purifying Fire

After Chandra’s arrival on Regatha, she quickly found her way to Keral Keep, a monastery founded ages ago by Jaya Ballard, a not so humble task mage. The Keral Keep focuses on the teachings of pyromancy along with freedom of choice. Here Chandra studied the monasteries teachings in an attempt to hone her powers and learn better self-control.

After some time passed Chandra became mixed up in the politics of Regatha when the Order of Heliud, a religious organization that sought to bring law to Regatha, began a serious of events to bring themselves into power. The Order declared that any form of pyromancy was to be punished by death. Chandra, infuriated by this sudden action of the Order attempted to chase a few soldiers of the Order away from the Western Woods where the Keral Keep was located close by.

Her idea of chasing away the soldiers was to set fire to a sizeable portion of the forest which in turn angered a specific group of it’s inhabitants, the Ouphes (picture a goblin mixed with a faerie) Here is a picture of them:


The Ouphes put a price on Chandra’s head for burning down a portion of the forest and leader of the Order, Walbert, used this to his advantage and ordered her capture. Mother Luti, head of the Keral Keep mages suggested that because of the attention Chandra was drawing to herself she should “disappear” for while. This set in motion the quest to retrieve the scroll Jace had taken from her when he was assigned the task by The Infinite Consortium.

After arriving on the plane of Kephalai Chandra’s attempt to re-capture the scroll failed and in her attempt she caused the entire Sanctum of Stars, a museum of artifacts and rarities of great power and value, to completely collapse and killing any who were inside.

During her time on Kephalai she met a man named Gideon (another planeswalker I will talk about later). Gideon at first seem eager to help Chandra in her quest but instead decided on turning her over to the Kephalai authorities. Her captors tortured her for some time demanding to know the location of the scroll, which she had actually lost during her fight at the Sanctum. Chandra eventually managed to escape the dungeons that held her captive and being weakened from her captivity she wandered aimlessly eventually making her way to the plane of Diraden.

Surprisingly, shortly after her Gideon walked to the same plane and after talking things over Chandra accepted the help of Gideon so that the two can find a way off Diraden. During the pairs time on Diraden, Gideon reveals to Chandra the origin of the scroll is none other than the plane of Zendikar, where he explains that magic and manna act in very powerful but strange ways. Wandering the plane the pair were eventually captured by the ruler of the plane himself, A Vampire. Awaking in the chambers of the vampire, Chandra hatched a plan that would result in the death of the vampire and freeing the plane of its eternal night bestowed upon by the vampire. Once the pair esacped they returned together to Regatha.

The Eye of Ugin

Eye of Ugin Chandra finally arrived to Zendikar after three years since her quest to seek out the mysterious plane began. Here she attempted to find a guide that would help her traverse the Akoum mountains and lead her to The Eye of Ugin, a secret cavern where the spell that kept the Eldrazi imprisoned focused on the main hedron that connected all mana paths of the hedron network.

After numerous failed treks with bad guides Chandra finally managed to locate Anowon, a ruin sage that would be able to lead her to the Eye. Halfway to the Eye Anowon attempted to kill Chandra in her sleep, proving himself to be a traitor. Luckily for Chandra, Sarkhan Vol, a soldier from the Mardu Clan as well as another planeswalker, incapacitated Anowon and took it upon himself to lead her to the Eye.

Entering the Eye of Ugin

Entering the Eye of Ugin Even though Sarkhan had saved Chandra from Anowon, he still threatened her to not enter and meddle with the Eye. Disregarding Sarkhan, Chandra entered the Eye and she did not find what she expected.

Befire she could even leave, Sarkhan transformed into a fully grown dragon and attacked Chandra due to her insolence. This is where Jace and his journey to Zendikar comes into play as he helps Chandra fight off the dragon.

The fight briefly knocked Jace unconscious and this allowed Chandra to ponder the decision whether she should kill Jace for constantly being around and getting in her way or to simply wake him up.

Thinking it over, Chandra decided to wake Jace up and a good thing to as Jace explained who manipulated her into stealing the Dragon Scroll in the first place when this whole time she thought that the scroll was just another quest assigned to her by the Keral Keep.

She ignored Jace’s questions about her motives and planeswalked away, searching for the person who got her involved so she can exact her vengeance.

Chandra and Ramaz

Chandra and Ramaz Leaving Jace behind on Zendikar, Chandra spent quite a bit of time planeswalking from plane to plane searching for the man who had manipulated her.

She quickly learned that mans name was Ramaz, who was later revealed to be a shamanic planeswalker.

Chandra was always a step behind Ramaz, knowing only just enough to where she was able to track the last planes he visited. She eventually managed to get ahead and track Ramaz to the plane of Kaldheim, where the two fought.

Chandra beat Ramaz but the shaman managed to escape only revealing to her that he was just a pawn playing a minor role in a much larger scheme lead by Nicol Bolas.

Becoming the Abbot of Keral Keep

Becoming the Abbot of Keral Keep

Following the events on Zendikar, Chandra returned home to Keral Keep and continued her studies of pyromancy. During her time back at the monastery the mentor that taught her passed and Chandra herself was elected to become the monasteries new abbot.

During Chandras election ceremony, Jace and Gideon arrived in the middle of it and took Chandra aside, attempting to persuade her in aiding their fight on Zendikar. Reluctant at first, she refused to help and returned to being the newly elected abbot but after some deep consideration Chandra decided to aide her friends in their battle for Zendikar.

Chandra and The Gatewatch

Chandra and the Gatewatch

Finally accepting the plea for help presented to her by Jace and Gideon, Chandra arrived on Zendikar only to witness the failed attempt at imprisoning once again the two Eldrazi titans, Ulamog and Kozilek.

Chandra secretly followed the demon planeswalker Ob Nixilis to where Jace, Gideon, and Nissa were being held prisoner. She managed to set her friends free and drive Ob Nixilis from the plane.

Shortly after, the four planeswalkers came to the unanimous conclusion that individually they aren’t powerful enough to fight off large threats, but together, they would be able to fend off just about any force that threatened the Multi-verse.

And thus, the four planeswalkers swore and oath to band together and The Gatewatch was formed.

When Jace was in The Eye of Ugin he promised the spirit dragon to not harm the Eldrazi but also not let them escape Zendikar. Knowing that this promise was now impossible to keep, Jace decided that the titans had to be killed. The Gatewatch with the help of Kiora, a planeswalker that mastered the depths and was born on Zendikar, began the long against the titans and their brood.

Jace consulted Nissa asking how they could draw the Eldrazi titans in and they came up with the solution to use the mana lines from the hedrons to reel them in and disperse their energy throughout Zendikar, thus killing the titans.

Though the plan seemed to worked at first, with Gideon, Kiora, and Chandra keeping the Eldrazi brood at bay, once the titans were anchored Zendikar, the titans destructive energy began to tear away at the plane and would soon destroy it entirely.

Kiora pleaded that the titans be set free so that Zendikar could be saved but Jace refused, seeing that releasing the Eldrazi would be too dangerous. After extensive arguments Chandra stepped up and offered to burn the titans to which Jace reluctantly agreed, knowing the toll it would take on her. Chandra connected with Zendikars mana paths and channeled her pyromancy straight into the Eldrazi. In an awesome blaze of flame, Ulamog and Kozilek were incinerated and destroyed, leaving only ashes raining from Zendikar’s sky.

After the victory against the two titans, Chandra stayed on Zendikar for a while to recover from he spell.


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