“Invincible is just a word.”

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Gideon Jura is recognized as one of the most skilled and formidable warriors throughout the entire Multiverse. Even as a child he showed great talent in combat.

Like most of our beloved planeswalkers, Gideon endured tragic events during his childhood. I would even claim that the events he went through as a child were more extreme than those that Jace, Nissa, or even Chandra endured. If you’re familiar with the childhoods of those three, then you know that saying Gideon had it the worst is saying something.

He can be thought of as Magic the Gathering’s Superman, always ready to defend the innocent without question and to lead his friends for the common good.

Gideon was born in the city of Akros on the plane of Theros, the Gods, monsters, and setting of which are based on the mythology and civilization of ancient Greece. The city of Akros is located high in the mountains, a bastion of defense against the dangers of the plane.

City of Akros

This was the home of the Akroans, the finest and most feared warriors of Theros, similar to the Spartans of ancient Greece.

The soldiers of Akros lived and died by the spear; they believed in perfecting the body and mind for combat, no matter the cost.

On Theros, Gideon was born under the name of Kytheon Iora. It is believed, though not confirmed, that he never knew his father and that his mother passed away when he was very young.

An orphan, Kytheon was left to aimlessly wander the streets of Akros. He joined a gang of boys and quickly became their de facto leader. The gang was soon turned into a Robin Hood style band of thieves; they stole from the rich but only took what they needed to survive, giving the rest away to those who needed it most. His group became known as the Irregulars.

After some time, Kytheon’s days of thieving ended when he was caught and sent to the prison of Kolophon, the central fortress of power on Theros. There he was watched over by the careful eye of the prison’s warden, Hixus.

Recognizing his talent and potential, Hixus took Kytheon under his wing and taught him the ways of Hieromancy, a form of magic that can suppress others abilities and enforce order.

Kolophon Prison “There is no power in abandon, but far more in control.” -Hixus, to Kytheon

Four years after Kytheon’s imprisonment, Kolophon was attacked by harpies and cyclopes for reasons that are unknown. During the attack, Hixus offered to free the prisoners under the condition that they help defend the keep.

Aided by the magic learned from Hixus, Kytheon and his Irregulars repelled the attack.

The demonstration of leadership and combat prowess shown by Kytheon during the battle caught the attention of Heliod, God of law, justice, retribution, and the bonds of kinship.

Heliod The talents of Kytheon impressed Heliod, so the God chose him as his champion. Heliod gave Kytheon the task of killing the titan of Erebos, God of death, misfortune, ill fate, envy, and bitterness.

Armed with the Spear of Heliod, Kytheon and his Irregulars tracked down and vanquished the titan of Erebos but this was no cause for celebration.

On the horizon, the sky darkened. Smoke filled the air. The God of the Underworld himself appeared before the warriors, towering over them.

With a boosted sense of pride and self-confidence (he had been chosen by the the God of the sun, after all), Kytheon decided that if this God was the cause of the devastation on Theros, then he would answer for what he had done.


This was a God, after all.

Kytheon hurled his spear towards Erebos, but with a flick of his wrist Erebos took control of the spear, which seemed to acquire a life of it’s own. The God of the underworld propelled the spear straight back and Kytheon and his allies. In one last defiant stand, Kytheon mustered all the power he could as he watched the spear fly towards him.

When the spear made contact with Kytheon, there was an explosion of blinding white light. When his vision finally returned to him, Kytheon saw that he was covered in blood. In horror, he realized that it was not his blood, but the blood of his Irregulars.

As he looked around at the lifeless bodies of his closest friends, Kytheon’s planeswalker spark ignited and he was sent to the plane of Bant.

On Bant, Kytheon was found by a captain of the Knights of Pilgrim’s Road. Here he realized that his past life was over, that Kytheon, Hero of Akros was gone.

And thus, Gideon Jura was born.

Gideon and the Order of Heliud

After Gideon’s spark ignited, he journeyed to many planes. During his travels, the legend of a group called The Order of Heliud, who kept watch over the Purifying Fire, caught his interest. Gideon traveled to the plane of Regatha in hopes of joining the Order but was initially denied entrance. After numerous attempts and requests for admittance, the leader of Order, by the name of Walbert, permitted Gideon to join, provided he track down and capture the planeswalker known as Chandra Nalaar.

Gideon quickly tracked Chandra and followed her to the plane of Diraden. Here he assisted Chandra in fighting the vampire lord that reigned over the plane, helping her escape.

The events of this story are better explained in the article about Chandra, as these events are central to Chandra herself.

Upon the pair’s return to Regatha, Chandra left Gideon and went back to Keral Keep, where she typically resides, only to see that it had been laid siege to by the Order, who demanded that the Keep hand Chandra over. To rescue the Keep, she surrendered herself to Gideon, asking that she be escorted to Walbert personally. Walbert declared that Chandra would be sentenced to the Purifying Fire so that she may be “cleansed”.

This filled Gideon with guilt, as he had never wanted any real harm to come to Chandra. In an attempt to save her, Gideon offered advice on how she might be able to come out of the fire unharmed.

Moments after leaving, Gideon felt the foundations of the cavern that held the fire crack and crumble. He quickly rushed into the chamber to find the soldiers of the Order along with Walbert dead, and Chandra passed out. After Gideon helped her awake, she thanked him for his help. Gideon left the Order and, hearing about stories of the mysterious plane Zendikar, he began a new journey to uncover more information.

Gideon and Fort Keff

Gideon and Fort Keff

Arriving in Zendikar, Gideon tried to follow the same path as Chandra and Jace. He tracked them through the mountains of Akoum, but his trail went cold and he stumbled upon the settlement known as Fort Keff. Here Gideon heard tales of the land becoming increasingly violent and unstable.

In the middle of the night, Gideon woke to screams and shouts coming from the middle of the settlement. They were caused by a Surrakar (a reptilian humanoid creature) that had wandered into the settlement, where the inhabitants attacked and mortally injured it.

As Gideon knelt by the dying creature, it told him of “Gods who came from beyond the world, from the void with no color, who would devour all the life in their path.” Of all the people at the settlement, only Gideon knew what the creature meant by this. Gideon heard tales and stories of the Eldrazi, but he had hoped they were just that, stories.

The very next day refugees began flooding into the fort with tales of the Eldrazi brood that was rampaging across the plane. It wasn’t long before the brood arrived at the fort, and Gideon, along with the soldiers of Fort Keff, drew their arms and fought this new threat.

The soldiers fought bravely, but it was Gideon who turned the tide of battle, and soon the brood was pushed back. The soldiers cheered in victory but it did not last long.

Storms were heard overhead and the skies darkened; the great Eldrazi titan Emrakul loomed over the fort.


Gideon ordered all remaining soldiers to flee, and as he stood in the presence of titan he desperately thought of how he might be able to stop it, but came up empty. Gideon knew that to defeat this monstrosity, he would he the help of the other planeswalkers.

Gideon’s Journey to Ravnica

Gideon traveled to the plane of Ravnica, hoping that he may find some assistance in fighting the Eldrazi threat, but he found none. During his time on Ravnica, Gideon realized that there was immense tension between the guilds of the plane. Though Zendikar itself was in peril, Gideon saw that if war erupted between the ten guilds of Ravnica, the casualties there would be much greater than those of Zendikar.

Pausing his search for the other planeswalkers, Gideon looked to the the guilds, in hopes that he can somehow put off or prevent the inevitable war.

While battling a group of cultists, Gideon caught the attention of the Boros Legion, a guild that also believed in the harmonization of the plane. Aurelia, the guildmaster of the Boros Legion and an angel, approached Gideon after seeing his talents, offering him a battalion to lead.


Gideon believed in the cause of the legion and thought that they had the best chance of establishing order on the plane, but as time went on, the angel’s relentless aggression and violence put him in a position where he was forced to disobey her.

Gideon’s alliance with the Boros Legion was hanging by a thread and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before he joined the efforts of the Gateless, a movement created by those who didn’t belong to any guilds and wanted to resist the guild’s power and influence.

Battle For Zendikar

Battle For Zendikar Now splitting his efforts between two planes, Gideon discovered that hedrons were the source of the Eldrazi power and that they were connected to the leylines. After seeing what happened during his last visit to Zendikar and knowing that he can’t fight this war on his own, Gideon once more seeked out the help of Jace. Jace eagerly joined Gideon’s cause and after a failed attempt to persuade Chandra to join their efforts, the pair returned to Zendikar to find that Sea Gate, the largest city on one of the seven continents of Zendikar, had fallen. Luckily they arrived just in time to help the survivors escape to Sky Rock, a safe haven from the Eldrazi.

Once the survivors were rescued, Gideon found out that one of his merfolk friends, Jori En, was still trapped at Sea Gate.

Gideon found Jori En and hoped that with the help of Jace, the two would be able to find a way to connect the mana lines to the hedrons in order to stop the Eldrazi.

Jace and Jori En left to the Eye of Ugin while Gideon stayed behind to take command and rally the soldiers. Having taken command, an abundance of new recruits, battle hardened veterans, and even vampires of Malakir flocked to his banner.

At some point Gideon was told about the Roilmages and their leader, Noyan Dar, who were able to control the Roil, a power that originated from Zendikar itself as defense mechanism against the Eldrazi.

He sought out the mages and asked for their help to retake Sea Gate.

Many denizens of Zendikar had offered their help in the ongoing battle against the Eldrazi; among these being another planeswalker by the name of Kiora accompanied by her army of merfolk and sea monsters. Upon Kiora’s arrival, Gideon decided that it was time to retake Sea Gate, and together, joined by the planeswalker Nissa, they drove the Eldrazi from the city.

Gideon was learning, however, that celebration after a victory is often premature. Shortly after the cities recapture, Jace and Jori En returned with news that the Eldrazi titan, Ulamog, was fast approaching.


They needed a plan fast, so Jace developed a daring one: while the forces of Gideon and Kiora kept the Eldrazi brood at bay, Nissa called upon the elemental power of the plane to raise sunken hedrons from the ground and encircle the titan.

Just as it finally seemed that they had Ulamog trapped, the alignment of hedrons broke. Ob Nixilis, once a human planeswalker but now a demon, summoned the third Eldrazi titan, Kozilek, defeating the planeswalkers and imprisoning them.

Ob Nixilis and Nissa

The imprisonment didn’t last for too long however, as Chandra finally arrived to Zendikar and freed the trio, and using their combined efforts, drove Ob Nixilis from the plane.

The Gatewatch

The Gatewatch

After being saved by Chandra, the four planeswalkers understood that alone they stood no chance against threats such as the Eldrazi. They each swore an oath to protect the Multiverse from whatever endangered it, and the Gatewatch (perhaps better known as the Jace-tice League) was formed.

Battling the Eldrazi on the frontlines alongside Kiora and Nissa, Jace decided, against the warning of Ugin, that the Eldrazi must be killed in order to be stopped once and for all.

Thus, Chandra burned the titans using the power of the plane to aid her and the Eldrazi were finally vanquished.

After this major victory, Gideon remained on Zendikar, to help rebuild it’s civilization.


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