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"I want to be excited about building decks and have fun playtesting them. Anywhere."

Trent Ellingsen, Creator of 5 Color Combo

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We're building simple yet powerful new features for our website.

Every supported format will be available including Draft, Sealed, Standard, Modern, Legacy, Commander, EDH, Pauper, Vintage, Magic Duels, and all other formats.

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The ultimate app for Magic: The Gathering fans.

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We're creating the most advanced and easy to use platform for Magic: The Gathering.

Local Game Stores

We've got a service for Local Game Stores which adds the following features for stores that .

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We've seen the response and we're taking what we've learned from Magic Drafter and building out a whole suite of new features.





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Amazing Mobile Experience


Love this drafter app!! You get to draft a few cubes too!! Totally invaluable for the serious drafter. Only thing now is you got to let me play my friends or the computer would do just fine too!!! Hoping to see this app expand to those heights!!!!

fobdragon, Magic Drafter Review

Great App

Love being able to practice drafting in my free time. My only complaint is I'm not sure how the computer determines which cards are picked, as sometimes you get passed crazy cards like JTMS. Other than that I feel the app gives you a leg up on your real life opponents because you can practice and learn a set. I was able to practice ETM before it even released. Invaluable for the serious drafter.

Jhennes, Magic Drafter Review


Best app around for drafting. I only put 4 stars to bring a bug to the attention of the developers. When ever I got to extras and pick "5 Color Combo Store" it loads for a second then text pops up that say "Page Not Found" and "We can't find a page at this address." This is really ashamed since I am very interested in seeing what there is available for purchase.

BlatantLizard, Magic Drafter Review

The Kickstarter launches on October 3rd.

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