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Apologies for the late uploads again guys, I’ve been busier than usual at work and on the channel. You may have noticed that my channel has changed ever so slightly. We now have a new channel icon, Banner, Endcard, Outro music and Thumbnail templates and front page layout. I’d love to hear all feedback you have on the new stuff guys. If you hate it, I want to hear it and also let me know what made you finally subscribe to the channel. All this information is essential for me to making the best content possible for you guys and it helps me out so much. Thanks very much guys!

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My goal for this channel is to create a community of like minded individuals who love games in all their forms and who want to chat and get engaged in the games I'm playing. I'd love for you to influence the content whether it be your name in a game or even your deck I play in my magic duels subscriber series. (Youtube Page)