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I lost but I'll totally win next time

Carl on Feb 15, 2018

This game is a ton of fun. We read the rules over for about 5ish minutes and got started. You setup your board and take turns rolling dice, and taking out your opponents. The game starts to get really intense toward the end and we got to see some incredible plays!! The artwork and card decks are simple but really fun and unique. Really incredible game for the whole family. Pro Tip: Don't spread out your cards at the end :)

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The Last Stand - Great Family Battle

Roland on Dec 24, 2017

Love this quick to learn board game! Played multiple matches over 2 hours with my wife and grown kids. Very fun battling one another in this competitive game of strategy. Laughter and I can’t believe that just happened, are experienced at almost every role of the dice!!

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My kids keep beating me!

Gabriel on Jan 11, 2018

My boys, 5 and 7, are loving Enfutown. I taught them how to play in just a few minutes, and they each proceeded to beat me. The following day, they were playing each other without any assistance from me. I'm glad to have joined the Kickstarter campaign for Enfutown, and look forward to playing it for a long time.

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The Right Mat

Rhino on Mar 02, 2018

I have a lot of playmats. This one is just right. Not too thick and not too thin. It rolls up nice. It folds nice. It sticks to the table good. Cards easily slide on it. And I love the art work.

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Great Feel, Great Art

Relic of the Past on Mar 01, 2018

It’s great! Good quality and good graphics!

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Great Art!

Josh Krause on Feb 27, 2018

Just received my mat and I'm really impressed with the artwork. The mat is super smooth and flexible and the artwork really shines.

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A photo of Trent Ellingsen

March Towards Talking, Laughing, and Cheering

Making memories isn’t limited to board games, of course, but that’s where I can make an impact...

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Like a Boss

Using video game boss design theory to design a Magic card...

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Keyword Buffet

Magic has a lot of keywords, with new ones being added each set. Unfortunately, due to how sets us...

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Better Living through Simic Science

Simic is the green-blue guild of Ravnica, scientists and naturalists concerned with understanding ...

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I Want You for Boros - How To Make Custom Magic Cards

Boros is the red-white guild of Ravnica, enforcers of justice and scourge of criminals...

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Golgari Until I Die (And Then a Little More) - How To Make Custom Magic Cards

Golgari is the black-green guild of Ravnica, combining life and death together in one eternal cycl...

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Izzet Time to Design

Designing a card for the Izzet guild. Izzet is the blue/red guild of Ravnica, obsessed with the pu...

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Piece by Piece: Ascend - A Critique of MTG Design

A deep dive into how successful one of Magic's newest mechanics was in the game...

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My Soul Desire - How To Make Custom Magic Cards

Orzhov is the white-black guild from Ravnica, dedicated to the collection of wealth and power...

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Putting Down Roots - How To Make Custom Magic Cards

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Yo Bro Playmat Giveaway

We're giving away one of the prototype printings of a playmat from our upcoming Kickstarter...

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Welcome to the Pain Event - How To Make Custom Magic Cards

Rakdos is the black-red guild from Ravnica. It revels in the glee of destruction, carnage, and car...

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MTG Playmat Kickstarter with art by Tomislav Jagnjic, Daniel Kamarudin, Jordan Grimmer, and Christian Quinot!

We want to make a large print run of three of our most popular playmats. Help use achieve that whi...

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Dimir Thought - How To Make Custom Magic Cards

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