Game Objects

Game Objects represent individual board games that exist. Games are the main object for the API and you can find all the details about them in this document.

Game Object Example

This is an example of the full object.


These are all the properties that are found in the Game Object.

idStringSVQRjsXrhjThe id of the game in the 5CC database.
nameStringLast StandThe name of the game.
year_publishedInt2018The year the game was published.
min_playersInt2The minimum number of players in the game.
max_playersInt4The maximum number of players in the game.
min_playtimeInt30Minimum minutes of playtime in the game.
max_playtimeInt45Maximum minutes of playtime in the game.
min_ageInt10Minimum recommended age for the game.
descriptionString"<h1>This game is fantastic</h1>"The provided description for the game.
description_previewString"This game is fantastic"The provided description for the game with all html tags removed.
thumb_urlString small sized image of the game.
image_urlString large sized image of the game.
urlStringhttps.../game/SVQRjsXrhjThe link to the game's page.
priceFloat19.99The lowest current price of the game
msrpFloat24.99The listed msrp of the game
discountFloat0.50The percent discount the game's current price compared to the msrp. This example shows a 50% discount.