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Andrew Evans has been playing Magic since 2000, and designing custom cards since 2007. He's a regular at FNMs, and enjoys dissecting games to figure out how they work.

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Filling in the Missing Piece

Designing a card to fill a missing slot for a set. The set is a core set, with the returning mechanic of investigate should you choose to use it.

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Enter the Arena

Design a legendary champion to conquer the arena. Cards must be able to pass tests to become victorious!

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Multiplayer Magic Mayhem

The ways to design cards for multiplayer are innumerable, of those, this article will explore the simplest and most effective ways to design cards for multiplayer.

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Guildmages: The Gilded Few

Guildmages have been a part of Magic since the early days, beginning in Mirage with a cycle of guildmages largely based on typical medieval fantasy jobs.

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Hydras: A Multi-Headed Problem

Andrew breaks down MTG card design when approaching Hydras.

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Hellbent Wisdom

Let me start with a brief player survey: Who among you likes having cards in your hand? Like, a lot of cards in your hand? All of yo...

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Expanding Oath of the Gatewatch Limited

So, you just finished your fifty-seventh Oath of the Gatewatch draft on Magic Online while waiting for more Shadows Over Innistrad s...

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