Enter the Arena - A Custom MTG Card Contest

Your challenge this week is to create a champion of the arena, a legendary gladiator strong enough to overcome all trials and charming enough to win the popular vote. That is to say, this week your challenge is to design a legendary creature which meets a set of requirements. Besides being a more fun and interesting way to design a legendary creature, my hope for this challenge is that the restrictions help you create a card you otherwise never would have thought of, and to get some practice using different ideas to begin designs with.

Card Requirements

The winner of the contest will be the entry with the most votes and meets all the card requirements when the contest period is over! Good luck and submit early!

Need Inspiration?

Read this post by Andrew Evans on how to approach designing Multiplayer Cards for MTG.

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Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who paricipated in submitting an entry or voting!

6 votes • Psentinel
5 votes • rabid-angel
2 votes • estufe
2 votes • FlintyAxe
2 votes • Gelven
2 votes • xking210
2 votes • Varionusnw
1 vote • brookesy70
1 vote • CovetedPeacock
1 vote • TheBlackestLotus
1 vote • Food
1 vote • DrChillbrain
1 vote • JackJack96
1 vote • bobbbyyy
1 vote • Eris23
1 vote • gilly
0 votes • BobTheTitan
0 votes • VeniVidiVelcro
0 votes • buddyboy