Guildmages - A Custom MTG Card Contest

In a game called Magic, it is only natural that some of the most important cards are ones that represent mages. And of those, some of the most important ones are guildmages, both from a sense of history and because guildmages are very important for limited formats. Naturally, this makes them a valuable tool to know how to design, as well as a good way to study the design of a limited format itself. Enter by clicking on the Submit Entry button on the top right.

The winner of the contest will be the entry with the most votes when the contest period is over! Good luck and submit early!

Need Inspiration?

Read this post by Andrew Evans on how to approach designing Guildmages for MTG.

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Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who paricipated in submitting an entry or voting!

7 votes • VoeJozzo
4 votes • Psentinel
3 votes • nimo
2 votes • Gelven
1 vote • VeniVidiVelcro
1 vote • karchak
1 vote • Erlim_Sen_Deir
1 vote • FScottSmith
1 vote • SgtFeelgood