Planeswalkers - A Custom MTG Card Contest

What should Magic's next Planeswalker be? Should someone new gain their spark? Should there be a return of an old legend? Does a member of the Gatewatch need to have another card printed? What do you think? We want YOU to make the next Planeswalker card we'll have the community vote!

Enter by clicking on the Submit Entry button on the top right.

The winner of the contest will be the entry with the most votes when the contest period is over! Good luck and submit early!

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A Modern Masters 2017 Booster Pack!

Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who paricipated in submitting an entry or voting!

8 votes • Psentinel
7 votes • Megalomancer
3 votes • MachineSchooling
0 votes • FlintyAxe
0 votes • madolaf
0 votes • estufe
0 votes • kineticstasis