I want to make an effort to be more open about what’s being worked on here at 5 Color Combo. Providing transparency gives you the opportunity to provide feedback, a valuable resource to us as we strive to create content that people enjoy.

After a lot of surveying, research and talking with our users and readers, we’ve started work to prepare to make an MTG Constructed app.

The biggest need we’ve discovered are that players want better ways to brew, build decks and playtest. We’re going to put our engineering abilities to the test and deliver what you want with a new app.

To show a bit of the work we’ve done in preparing for this, here’s a snippet of what we currently have built in Magic Drafter for playtesting.

Right now, we’re just in the initial stages of creating the features and designs for the app and I plan to make periodic updates on this site to talk about progress. If you’d like to be kept in the loop and see how to become a beta tester, then sign up for updates on our email list!

Happy Playing.

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A photo of Trent EllingsenTrent Ellingsen

Trent Ellingsen is a casual magic player going to FNMs about once a month and at least one GP a year. He enjoys playing EDH and often organizes game nights with his wife at home often. His passion for Magic led him to create 5 Color Combo and the drafting simulator app.

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