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Ever had the crave for a quick match of EDH before going to work/school/uni/etc. but only had two hours of time? MTGO isn’t just for grinders, you can play some pretty sweet games of commander too, and your deck doesn’t have to cost more than 10 tickets.

In the first installment of this article format - with hopefully many more to come - I’d like to showcase an Infect deck. Why Infect? Over the many years that passed since Wizards introduced Infect as a mechanic, I’ve experimented a lot with it since I felt that besides Commander-damage a second form of “alternative” damage can contribute a lot to the balance and diversity of the format. Very durdly and grindy decks are prevalent due to the lack of decks that can punish them for sacrificing their early-midgame.

When building this deck I had two major candidates for the position of Commander: Ezuri, Claw of Progress to pack some additional punch and Edric, Spymaster of Trest to refuel my hand after deploying some critters. Ultimately I ended up running Ezuri because, while in theory Edric might be slightly better in the typical EDH-game (again, durdly and grindy) in reality you often don’t have any good attacks because people will willingly trade away their Solemn Simulacrum or Coiling Oracle for your 2/1-Phyrexian Digester.You’ll end up hitting the same person over and over while your other opponents sit in the very safe “Zero Poison”-Zone, taking advantage of your Edric and eventually kill you due to a superior board. Newzuri solves this problem by buffing those pesky 2/2s and 1/1s to 5/5-two-hit-machines that can make a 0.02 tix Rogue’s Passage one of the most dangerous cards in your deck.

Alright so here’s the decklist…

… and now let’s get to a little deck tech before jumping into a game:

Deck Tech

Match Video

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Tobias 'SibirianPns' Zehetner is an austrian software deveolper/student and a former competitive Legacy and Standard player who found his way into EDH several years ago. He enjoys vegan food, playing video games and his EDH matches as crazy as possible. The aspect of politics in EDH is what he enjoys the most about the format.

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