We got some real doozies today folks, with some sweet mythics, awesome uncommons, and one particular rare that could enable archetypes. Let’s get down to it!

Grim Flayer

Easily the most powerful and efficient card spoiled today, this could have Standard and Modern implications. While a world of Sylvan Advocates is not a good world for this card, it could easily see heavy play (along with Gnarlroot Dryad) in Delirium decks after rotation. This is a fantastic enabler and payoff for that archetype.

My immediate excitement for it is in Modern. While not as good as Tarmogoyf, this guy is a house in BGx goyf decks. It can hit as hard as goyf a lot of the time, and provides valuable card selection every time it connects. While it may not be a four-of, it is almost certainly playable in that shell. I look forward to seeing it in action!

Mind's Dilation

Switching gears a bit, we have here a card that is absolutely absurd in Commander. Letting you cast the top card of people’s libraries whenever they cast a spell can get out of hand fast, especially when you can hit such big spells as are commonly played in that format. This will certainly be absurd in more casual commander settings, but I could see it being great in the more competitive tables as well. Keep a lookout for foils of this Mythic, they will probably end up being pretty expensive.

Mirrorwing Dragon

This could almost make a Zada, Hedron Grinder deck in Standard playable. Almost, but not quite. The fact that it is punishes your opponent pretty hard for removing it if they have a board is pretty nice. I don’t expect this to see play, but it wouldn’t really surprise me either. Sweet card, very Mythic.

Ride Down

Ride Down is a reprint that will be quite good in limited if WR remains aggressive.

Lashweed Lurker

If you have been following my spoiler articles up to this point, you know that I am a huge fan of emerge. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of this card. While it probably isn’t quite strong enough for Constructed, in limited a Time Ebb + 5/4 that can be cast for as little as 4 mana and a 3 drop is pretty powerful. I will be picking this card highly, so I certainly hope it is good enough to justify that.

Mercurial Geists

It certainly seems that R&D is looking to make UR Spells perhaps an even better archetype in the new limited format. While the initial body is a bit under the curve, casting one spell makes it great, casting two makes it extremely powerful, and I’m not sure an adjective has been invented that can describe what it would be like to cast 3 spells with this on the table in a normal game of limited. I certainly look forward to drafting that deck.


A 3 mana 3/2 haste is pretty solid in limited, and while the Delirium ability is unlikely to do that much by the time you can trigger it, it is upside. I kind of just wish it was Dreg Mangler though, as far as limited power level is concerned. If the commons and uncommons in the set enable a sort of aggressive Delirium archetype, then this could end up being fantastic, but I doubt that will really work out.

Incendiary Flow

Volcanic Hammer this is not (poor mono-red aggro!) but it will certainly see a lot of play in Standard. Like Silkwrap, it is great against Hangarback Walker, but unlike Silkwrap, it cannot be removed by Dromoka’s Command. Grixis Control will play many copies of this card.


Last but not least, we have what is perhaps the enabler that Zombies needed in Standard, maybe even in Modern as well. Zombie Tribal needed a 1 drop, and discarding cards is potentially very strong in a format with Prized Amalgam, Risen Executioner, and Diregraf Colossus. If this doesn’t enable Zombies in Standard, then nothing short of Gravecrawler will.

Speaking of Gravecrawler, Modern has several deck this could fit in/enable. In Dredgevine style decks, this is a great way to pitch cards, get extra dredge activations, and generally be powerful on its own. Not a 4 of, but certainly a consideration. The many Zombie tribal decks on the fringes of Modern could potentially be enabled by this.

And finally, Bridge from Below is a pretty nutty card in Legacy and Vintage. While the Dredge decks of those formats have all the tools they need to break Bridge, Modern has yet to produce a good Bridge deck. This could make that deck. When you can tap Zombies as they come into play to dredge even more, you can potentially really go off with a couple of Bridges in your graveyard. It won’t necessarily work, but the power and synergy is there: brewers, put your aprons on and get to work!

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