We are happy to announce that the 5 Color Combo store now features tokens from the Classic Art Tokens collection, created by Original Magic Art. If you don't know what these are, they are custom art tokens created by Josh Krause. He originally launched the product through a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $5,000. Josh's campaign was so successful for the Classic Art Tokens that he raised $108,848!

That's absolutly amazing! It's pretty easy to see why it got such a huge following though. These custom art tokens are fantasic quality and have stunning art. My personal favorite is the Zombie Token with the Vincent Van Gogh art.

Only Available on 5 Color Combo

Since his campaign was backed we are very excited to be the first store with these tokens available for individual purchase. We only have a limited quantity so get yours now!

There are 10 different types of tokens available for sale in our store here!

Like I said, these are fantastic quality and feel great to hold ourselves. Take a look at how they are in real life.

Double Sleeve Test

Bend Test

Available Now Starting at $0.99

These are your top 10 requested tokens.

1/0 Elemental
Faerie Rogue
Flying Spirit
x-x Elemental

P.S. Don't forget to think of your friend's birthday that's coming up too ;)

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