“Just J̶u̶n̶d̶ Nahiri ‘em out”

“Thoughtseize, Goyf, …Nahiri?”

While it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as the old standard does, what better way to Jund someone out than with an Emrakul? I thought I was crazy sleeving up Reid Duke’s old Jund list with 2 Huntmaster, a Thunderdaddy, and a Tasigur but some people are more crazy than I. Twitch streamer Magus of the Moon (link to timestamp VOD) ups the ante by splashing white in your typical Jund deck for 3 Nahiri, 3 Lingering Souls and some sideboard cards. Alongside your 4 Dark Confidant you’re also running an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, in case that wasn’t obvious. What else are you going to get with Nahiri?

You play the same Jund gameplan you always do of Thoughtseize into Tarmogoyf into Liliana, except now you just add a 4 drop to the curve. While your opponent is trying to deal with the most efficient beater and planeswalker in the format, they’ll now also have to deal with what is arguably the most efficient one card combo since Scapeshift. Do I think this deck is the next evolution of Jund? Of course not, but if we’re not trying to spike the next PPTQ, you have to admit this deck looks sweet.

MTGGoldfish Deck List Link

I’ve elected to not include the sideboard as it was hastily thrown together on stream. You can check it out in the link above, but I always recommend tailoring your sideboard to your specific local meta and not copying them directly.

Nahiri ‘em Out

Largely, this deck plays all the same creatures, removal and disruption of a regular Jund deck. With Blood Moon being mainly a shadow of Modern’s past, the only major downside to this deck is the obvious problems with mana and the fun of “Bob trigger, take 15.” Of course, winning a game after taking 15 will be one of those stories you tell your grandchildren. This deck is not for the faint of heart.

Fight Fire With Fire

As a Jund player, the new UWr Control decks with Nahiri had me worried. My Tarmogoyfs are eating Path to Exile while my opponent is casting 2WR – Suspend 2. Win the game. What was the best answer to fight these new combo control variants of an old classic? Grafdigger’s Cage? Hero’s Downfall? A second Maelstrom Pulse in the sideboard? Pithing Needle? The answer was right in front of me the whole time. If you can’t beat them, join them.

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