Hey everyone, I’m Brett.

I started Magic as a freshman in college playing in Scars-Innistrad standard where I messed around with Vampires and Burning Vengeance Control before committing to a UR variant of Delver as my first real deck. Now, I primarily play at the local level in Modern events. I’ve grown to love Magic because of the hands on component, endless depth and customization, and the social life it comes with. My deck choices always come down to what I’ll have the most fun with, but I do get dragged to more competitive events on the SCG circuit from time to time. My modest success comes from piloting piles of RUG cards and everyone tells me my Invitational card is {%cardLink Young Pyromancer%}. At least I can claim I knew the card was nuts from day one.

If I have a specialty, it would be card evaluation and tuning flex slots. I’ve been told I bring an exhaustive level of analysis to the table, so it’s no surprise that spoiler seasons are my favorite times of the year. I love testing new cards, and finding a shell to make powerful cards work. I may not be brewing the next deck to break open the metagame, but you can count on me to ensure every card in my 75 has a real purpose.

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A photo of Brett BennettBrett Bennett

Brett Bennett is a Modern enthusiast that’s been playing Magic since Innistrad block. Not quite a grinder and by no means a casual. Brett loves Magic most when piloting a sweet deck in an interactive matchup.

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