Do you want to playtest the decks you build on TappedOut or MTGGoldfish on your phone? Or do you want to netdeck with the stars and use to find a great deck to play with? We've built an app for Android and iOS so that you can import your deck lists, edit the decks, and playtest on your phone natively!

Steps to Play

There's only 4 steps to get to start playing with decks on the go!

1) Export The Deck

Go to the export feature on the website that has the deck you want to test with. Most websites have this as Export or Download

Export feature

2) Copy

Copy the entire list. It will be used to import the deck into the app, including the sideboard. The app currently expects MTGO style syntax as shown in the example.

Copy the Magic Cards

3) Paste into the 5 Color Combo App

Open the 5CC app and go to the Decks tab. Tap to make a new deck and you'll be shown the text feature. Paste the deck list in here and save!

Export the Magic Cards If you don't have the app you can download it here.

4) Playtest, Edit, Purchase, Etc

Now that you have the deck here, you can playtest the deck, edit the list, purchase cards from it, and become a better player anywhere you are!

Playtest, Edit, Buy Cards

If you don't have the app yet, download it here:

A photo of Trent EllingsenTrent Ellingsen

Trent Ellingsen is a casual magic player going to FNMs about once a month and at least one GP a year. He enjoys playing EDH and often organizes game nights with his wife at home often. His passion for Magic led him to create 5 Color Combo and the drafting simulator app.