I have been gone for a few days, but I am back on the 4th of July to talk about some of the more remarkable cards spoiled. We have gotten two Planeswalkers, an exciting emerge and exciting escalate card, and... well, some other stuff. Let’s start with the walkers:

Liliana, the Last Hope

While this is pretty underwhelming, it does enough at 3 mana that I fully expect it to see some play in Standard. The +1 doesn’t really kill anything, the -2 is fine but overcosted, and the ultimate is pretty good but beatable and difficult to reach. If the +1 gave a creature -2/-2, this card would be miles better, and if the -2 was a -1 instead, it would be a far better source of card advantage. But alas, we have here a planeswalker that is woefully inadequate in today’s meta, but will likely be played in later Standard formats.

Oath of Liliana

This is pretty easily the second best Oath. Obviously not as good as Oath of Nissa, but is trades for a card when it enters and draws you a card/defends your planeswalker whenever you play one. I could easily see this seeing play in a planeswalker-centric B/W control deck. However, it is not the most powerful card and will be niche if it sees any play at all.

Tamiyo, Field Researcher

This is one of the most talked about cards from the new set, and justifiably so. Wizards decided to push Bant of all color combinations, and here we are. While I don’t think this will actually see much play in Bant Collected Company (as it is sorcery speed, not a hit, and adds card advantage to a deck that already generates more than enough) I would not be at all surprised it, after rotation, this card replaced CoCo in a Bant aggro/tempo/card advantage deck that is very similar to what it looks like now, but without the restriction of CoCo.

We could also easily see GW Tokens splash this off of Oath of Nissa and some Yavimaya Coasts.

I think this is good in a creature heavy deck like Bant CoCo, but not good enough to actually slot in more than 1 or maybe 2 copies into Bant CoCo. Rotation will change everything though, we will have to wait and see.

Collective Brutality

Now that we are past the Planeswalkers, we can talk about the most constructed playable cards recently spoiled. Obviously, this is one of them. While this is unlikely to see play in Standard if madness never catches on, it looks like a very Legacy playable card, possibly Modern as well. In Legacy Reanimator decks, this is a house, It kills any creatures they have out and strips their hands of answers to your threat while letting you discard your Reanimate target! If they don’t have a creature (or taking an Instant or Sorcery card from their hand is irrelevant somehow) then you can drain them, possibly changing your clock from 3 turns to 2, depending on what creature you reanimated. In Modern Dredge, this could very easily be a powerful enabler. While it does not enable you to actually dredge itself, it can put Dredgers into the graveyard while interacting with your opponent in some pretty potent ways. Testing will prove one way or another.

Distended Mindbender

If this has a home, it will see play. Like Elder Deep-Fiend, you can sacrifice your 3-drop top power this out on turn four. Your two-card investment gets you a 5/5 and up to two cards from your opponent’s hand. That means you are never getting card disadvantage, and you get to put an oversized threat on the board. You will always get to take the card you least want to see, and likely another. Potentially powerful, but again: only if it has a home.

Vereinter Widerstand

United Resistance 1RR

  • Sorcery
  • Escalate 1 (Pay this cost for each mode chosen beyond the first.)
  • Choose one or more -
  • * Target player discards all cards in his or her hand, then draws that many cards.
  • * United Resistance deals 4 damage to target creature.
  • * United Resistance deals 3 damage to target opponent.

A good red burn spell! We did it folks! This doesn’t enable red aggro by itself, and red aggro is currently far from enabled, but this is a good card that will likely be slotted into a lot of Cubes. It isn’t constructed playable right now, but depending on what this set and future sets bring, this could end up being a key card in a good deck.

Selfless Soul

Selfless Soul 1W

  • Creature - Spirit
  • Flying
  • Sacrifice Selfless Soul: Creatures you control gain indestructible until end of turn.
  • 2/1

UW Fliers is looking like a very real deck at this point. This card is great: it acts as a spellskite against most removal, and is great against non-Languish sweepers. In fact, Languish could very well stop this from actually catching on in Standard until that rotates. A great card though, I hope it does end up seeing play. Dauntless Escort should be jealous.

We are starting to move away from Constructed playability now...

Deploy the Gatewatch

That was an understatement: this card is terrible, do not play it. Yes it can be powerful, but there is not a deck in Standard that can run enough high-cmc planeswalkers (and this!) to make this a good card. Frank Karsten already ran the numbers:

Deploy the Gatewatch numbers

Even with a whopping 15 planeswalkers in your deck, you are under 60% to hit two. That is not Collected Company, especially considering it gets better the worse your curve is, while CoCo encourages a great curve. I wouldn’t be caught dead playing a Deploy deck, and neither should you.

Prey Upon

Prey Upon is back baby! Green will now have what are likely its two best-ever common removal spells in Limited. That is pretty dang exciting, green is going to be great in the upcoming draft format.

Ishkanah, Grafwidow

Some people have been wanting this for Commander: I find it to be pretty underwhelming, but Spider tribal does finally have a general Go nuts!

The rest of the spoilers are not particularly interesting, but I will put them here for your convenience:

Nephalia Academy
Emrakul's Evangel
Peace of Mind
Spirit of the Hunt
Summary Dismissal
Wailing Ghoul
Turn Aside
Stromkirk Occultist
Ulvenwald Captive
Ulvenwald Abomination

See ya’ll tomorrow!

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