Relics of Wizardry

We've received a set of prototype products from Josh Krause's upcoming Kickstarter campaign to offer a new product to the Magic community. He calls them the Relics of Wizardry. The Kickstarter launches on October 10, 2017.

The products range from $12 to $399 depending on which tier you back. The base tier is $12 for 5 tokens which could become more if stretch goals are met for no additional cost.

Now that you know what the product is, here's my take on it.


If I simply look only at quality of material, attention to detail, and design, these hit the mark with flying colors. Outstanding. A+. These relics are made of nickel-plated zinc alloy which feel like high quality coins with great weight and texture. Each of them have unique designs on the front and back. Of the 4 I received 3 have english and hieroglyphic representations of the text on either side.

Relics of wizardry

Even around the edges of the relics are small markings that add to the look and feel of these products. Running your fingers across them is satisfying. Try it if you get it.

Relics of wizardry


The mission of the project according to the creator, Josh Krause, is “to produce something unique that allows players to accessorize their games (and make their opponents jealous).” He goes on to say that the desire is to, “replace the dice and scraps of paper you see all the time with something more substantial (and awesome).”

These clearly deliver on the replacement of paper scraps but fall short on dice replacement for my needs.

Paper vs Relics

Relics of wizardry

It’s clearly much flashier and more fun to use these than pieces of paper. However, in most cases Magic doesn't require the use of paper for state. At least not constructed viable decks.

Only cards in standard will benefit from the use of this like Glory Bringer and The Scarab Link. Right now I don't have a deck using these cards, so this product wouldn’t change my 0% use of paper.

They are a cool novelty, but I don't see them getting much use when all the mechanics they're going for are going to rotate in the not too distant future. If you're someone who can see yourself using a lot of these mechanics in Commander though, then it's worth it.

Dice vs Relics

Relics of wizardry

In modern I play a Abzan (Junk) deck with some copies of Scavenging Ooze. It's easy to imagine using these in that context. I don’t typically get more than one or two counters on him and these would be a fun replacement for dice in that case.

In the current reward system, it looks like the only way to purchase +1/+1 tokens exclusively is by getting 10. That’s too much. I’m not going to be using 10 in one game. The intension for that backer level is to choose any 10 I want so I could pick others to go along with the +1/+1 tokens, but none of the others are useful for me.

Additionally, if the counters go above 3, I do think that a die is much better to use. It becomes unclear to me at least when there are too many items on top of the card. It's a little cumbersome to tap cards as well with that many.

Relics of wizardry Relics of wizardry

Final Impression

Again, I want to stress that these are made with the highest quality. In my own buyer mindset though, I don't see the usefulness for this beyond having a couple +1/+1 tokens unless I make a commander deck around The Scarab God.

It's all up to your own play style and decks though.

Check Them Out Yourself

These products are launching on Kickstarter on October 10th with a goal of $9,107. Keep an eye out and if you have decks that use these mechanics then I do recommend you back it.

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