My Experience

This past weekend I participated in GP SeaTac. Let’s take a look at what I played and then I will break down my match-ups once more.

The Breakdown

While this list is close to the standard, some noticeable changes were made. Let's start with the two Jace, Vryn's Prodigy. While I am still unsure whether this card fits in this deck, I ran it. On paper, it sounds fantastic-giving you the ability not to only loot but flashback spells as well. The loot here is important because it offers another “Sensei's Divining Top” effect. Since Jace's loot ability resolves before casting Terminus you are able to flip after resolution of the loot and cast Terminus, leaving you with Jace on board. Needless to say, his ultimate is also fantastic. Just as you would “Top” loop with Monastery Mentor, you could potentially do the same with Jace VP’s ultimate, milling your opponent out. It is also important to note the converted mana cost as we add and subtract cards from the list since it will be affected by Counterbalance. I felt that the 2 CMC slot was far more important than the 4 for GP SeaTac.

For this edition

I wanted to be slightly more aggressive by playing an extra Mentor. Our CMC isn’t affected here but against any of the B/G decks I wanted to have more 3’s that had to be answered by Abrupt Decay to protect our Counterbalance. While Entreat has the ability to just win games, at times it feels a bit clunky.

My 9 Rounds of Legacy

Yes, unfortunately only 9 rounds as I did not manage to Day 2. This is highly unfortunate considering I had two byes for this event.

Round 3 - Affinity

Jace was truly an all-star this match. Having the ability to cast Terminus off of him was a huge win. This was in addition to flashing back Wear // Tear off his -3 ability and clearing the way for my Mentor. 3-0

Round 4 - Punishing Jund

The card advantage was real. Between Sylvan Library and Dark Confidant it was hard to keep up.

This match was rough. 3-1

Round 5 - Shardless BUG

This matchup was very close. My opponent just had too much card advantage with Hymn to tourach along with Shardless Agent cascading into Ancestral Vision. I do believe I also punted a game by accidentally discarding the wrong card to Liliana. 3-2

Edit: Updated card names

Round 6 - Miracles

Not having more copies of the Jace, the Mind Sculptor really hurt here. All three games ended with the opponent's Jace TMS ultimate. 3-3

Round 7 - Burn

I want to say I made a side boarding mistake, but I was also incredibly unlucky. The most clear example was how Counterbalance top lock failed me here as I searched 9 cards and didn’t find a CMC that I needed. 3-4

Round 8 - Affinity

My opponent was fairly new. 4-4

Round 9 - ???

My opponent didn’t show up. 5-4


So, while I did go 2-4, this past weekend was fun. The deck is far from perfect but I do look forward to tinkering with it more.

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