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Moonland tokens is a new company created by artist Anna Grape, a Sweden based artist who loves Magic: the Gathering. Up until now she has been selling art on Etsy for several years now and just recently launched her own token store only 1 month ago! Already she's had amazing response from the Magic community both on reddit and through her Facebook page.

In her words, "It's been such a great inspiration and I've been more drawing like crazy since I got the idea of starting a shop and selling the tokens."

Moonland Tokens

Our Review

These tokens have been printed in the same fashion and at the same quality as our own products that we're very proud of. Here's the specs:

  • Size: 2.5" x 3.5" (Sleevable)
  • Cardstock: 300gsm
  • Finish: smooth finish

For those who don't know card stock qualities. There are a few notable grades of thickness, finish, and feel. Thicknesses like 12pt, 14pt, 270gsm, 300gsm, and 330gsm being the most common. This product uses 300gsm cardstock, a premium grade card stock that many professional TCGs and CCG use for their print runs. Note that some game companies do use proprietary card stock to help with counterfeiting, but this is the closest regular card stock.

On top of that there are other factors that come into play when printing cards. Factors include

  • Artwork quality
  • Ink quality and density
  • Cardstock cutting quality (edges and corners)
  • Actual utility of the product

After receiving and comparing this product to both our own and actual Magic: the Gathering cards we feel that this product is great in every regard. The token frame is simple and does a good job emphasizing the art. The art itself has a lighthearted feel that is enjoyable and appropriate for all ages. The edging and corners are cut very well and I'd even say better than Magic: the Gathering cards. Last but certainly the most important is her choice in which tokens to make give both a good variety, but hit the most commonly used types.

Moonland tokens Moonland tokens Moonland tokens

Our Rating

We're giving these tokens a solid A. If your a fan of the art, then you're going to love these tokens. They're great quality and will serve you well!

Where To Find Them

If you're interested in getting some of these yourself, head over to the Moonland Token website and see them now!

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