Well, as it turned out yesterday was jam-packed with great spoilers, but the bulk of them came a little bit later than we had anticipated. So today’s article is jam-packed with awesome spoilers! Let’s start with those revealed yesterday:

Elder Deep-Fiend

This is easily the most constructed playable card spoiled yesterday. I mentioned in a previous article that I would like to see a good creature with Flash and Emerge... and boy did WOTC deliver. Say hello to a Standard and Modern staple.

This compares quite favorably to Mistbind Clique in Standard, and is a member of one of the most powerful tribes in Modern. Let’s talk about the specifics, and where this might have a home.

Consider the UW Fliers deck that has been on the fringes of Standard for a while. It has two 3-drops (Eldrazi Skyspawner and Reflector Mage) that generate value when they enter the battlefield and are already good additions. With Deep-Fiend, you get to, for the cost of your 3 drop and 4 mana, make a 5/6 and tap all of your opponent’s lands on turn 4. That is absolutely absurd. This card is pushed.

Speaking of pushed, Bant Eldrazi in Modern is a very powerful deck that is becoming a mainstay of the metagame. In that deck you have Eldrazi Skyspawner and Matter Reshaper both of which generate value even if emerged. And, with Noble Hierarch and Eldrazi Temple, you can get this Eldrazi Octopus onto the battlefield time walking your opponent on turn 3. Once again, that is absurd. If you don’t have anything you want to sacrifice, 8 is very castable in that deck anyway. I look forward to testing Bant with this card, and expect it to elevate the deck to new levels.

Soul Separator

While I really love this card’s flavor, I don’t think it is really playable in any format. It’s cute, but ultimately not any better than Rise from the Grave; in fact it will often be significantly worse. If this was reusable (which would make more sense flavorfully, in my opinion), then it would be another conversation entirely and generally worth a slot in certain types of Commander decks. As is, we would be best served to appreciate the design and then stick it in the bulk rare pile.

Voldaren Pariah
Abolisher of Bloodlines

This is essentially a supercharged, more flexible (in certain ways) Fleshbag Marauder. The power level is certainly there: this is a bomb in limited, and could easily see mainboard or sideboard play in Standard, depending on the metagame and what decks can best support it. The art and flavor on this card are outstanding, really capturing the darkness and horror of the set. Love it.

Vildin-Pack Outcast
Dronepack Kindred

Wow, Eldrazi Werewolves are horrifying. This seems fine in Limited, serving as a potent top-end for decks that want it.

These new terrors will not recede with the setting of the moon.

The flavor of this set is outstanding.

Smoldering Werewolf
Erupting Dreadwolf

This card is significantly better in limited than the last. The front side is fine, but the ability to flip into a pseudo-Inferno Titan is pretty outstanding. The implications of these new werewolves is interesting for limited: since they all cost mana to use, they give you a nice payoff for not casting any spells on one of your turns to flip the SOI Werewolves.

And by the way, this flavor text is a gem.

Kessig Prowler
Sinuous Predator

This werewolf actually has implications for constructed. It isn’t a slam dunk, but it could certainly see some play in my own Modern deck, Mono-Green Stompy. If it’s flip cost was 2GG, it would be a home run, but as-is it won’t necessarily replace Dryad Militant. I will be testing it for sure. Dryad Militant has upside in a lot of matchups, but in a lot of other matchups turning a topdecked 2/1 into a very real threat can change the dynamic of the game drastically.

All seriousness aside, why can’t a 3-headed werewolf be blocked by more than one creature? Shouldn’t it only be able to be blocked by 3 creatures, if anything?

We have finally gotten to today’s cards, and there are certainly some interesting ones. Let’s start with the most harmless (not really):

Harmless Offering

Oh. Well, Donate was quite the combo piece in a Standard long ago, but nothing in today’s Standard comes to mind that can win when paired with this card.

Well, nothing except for Demonic Pact.

If Harmfulless Offering does not enable a Pact deck in Standard, I don’t know what will. While a little bit slow, it is a combo that is potentially quite powerful if built correctly. I personally hope that it becomes at least a tier 2 deck, and will likely do some brewing myself.

This could also enable all sorts of weird decks in Modern, which has not had this effect until now.

The art is certainly great: if you look past the cute kitty face, you see that its tail appears to be some sort of tentacle or snake, and that the man handing it over has a bandage on his finger where the tail-tentacle-snake brushed-stung-bit him.

For reference, Mark Rosewater wrote this short poem about Donate just two years ago:

Would I? Could I reprint donate?

Just listen up. I’ll tell you straight.

I wouldn’t reprint it in a set.

I wouldn’t reprint it on a bet.

I wouldn’t reprint it if in debt.

I wouldn’t reprint it under threat.

I wouldn’t reprint it here.

I wouldn’t reprint it there.

I wouldn’t reprint it anywhere.

Donate was an awful mistake.

It made many a format break.

So for all of the players’ sake.

I will not again this slip make.

Decimator of Provinces

Decimator of Provinces 10

  • Eldrazi Boar
  • Emerge 6GGG
  • When you cast Decimator of Provinces, creatures you control get +2/+2 and gain trample until end of turn.
  • Haste, trample
  • 7/7

This is a pretty incredible card, at the very least for limited. I’m not sure if it has any homes in constructed: maybe it could be slotted into the Eldrazi deck’s sideboard for when it needs to goldfish quickly? That doesn’t seem great. Perhaps GW Tokens will make use of this card. It isn’t quite Craterhoof Behemoth, and yet, when you sacrifice a creature, it is far more affordable. Maybe the Rites Company decks will use it.

Stromkirk Condemned

At first I thought this was an enchantment, and that it was probably trash. But being a creature is far more interesting for the Vampire deck. This does a much better job of being powerful than the other 2-drop madness enabler, Ravenous Bloodseeker. However, it is much harder to cast than the Bloodseeker. If the Vampire deck is going to be a thing come this set’s release, then this will be an important part of it, but I am still skeptical, especially considering that Falkenrath Gorger is very hard to follow up with the condemned.

Eldritch Evolution

While this is not the engine card that Birthing Pod is, it essentially gives you a more flexible Pod activation for 1GG. It is quite possibly better than Chord of Calling for Melira Company, a deck that did not need any help. It can turn Birds of Paradise into any combo piece. While it isn’t quite as flexible as Chord, it could streamline the deck quite effectively.

This card could also push the Standard Rites Company combo deck into pretty absurd territory. The consistency with which Collected Company and this can assemble the Zulaport Cutthroat-Eldrazi Displacer-Brood Monitor combo. Scary stuff...

Also, for those of you complaining that it exiles itself, let me remind you that this and Eternal Witness in Modern (and Goblin Dark-Dwellers in Standard) would be completely busted. And let me remind you that Riftsweeper is a card that exists. Get brewing!

Wharf Infiltrator

I am a huge fan of this card. It is an almost strictly better Looter il-Kor, a cube staple. If there is a good home for this in Standard, then it will see play, as the power level is there. It is card selection, with the added ability to give you card advantage if you discard a creature. A 1/1 with skulk is very hard to block in Standard, effectively the same as Looter’s shadow. This won’t be an expensive Standard staple, but it will most likely see play.

Geier Reaach Sanitarium

This is a very interesting card to evaluate. It is not particularly powerful, but it is a land, it does draw cards, and it does discard cards, so the potential is there.

Under normal circumstances, you are paying 3 mana to give both players a loot. That isn’t necessarily very good. If your opponent is hellbent (has no cards in hand) then they will be unable to take advantage of the card selection, but otherwise it is negatively affecting your tempo to give both players approximately equal benefit (depending on the contents of the player’s hands, it may benefit the user more than the beneficiary or the other way around).

Based on that, this is probably only worth running if you have some mechanical way of taking advantage of the effect more than your opponent. The first thing that comes to mind is the dredge mechanic. Cards like Golgari Grave-Troll and Stinkweed Imp can be very powerful in decks built around them. This land lets you get one dredge activation for 3 mana.

While it is far, far weaker than the Vintage and Legacy dredge enabler, Bazaar of Baghdad, it could be a powerful addition to Modern dredge decks. The downside that I see aside from the mana investment is that it digs the opponent to their sideboard hate for dredge. A lot of what your opponent does will be fairly irrelevant if they don’t find their Tormod’s Crypts, Nihil Spellbombs, or Relic of Progenitus, and this card gets them closer. Testing will prove whether or not this is an improvement to the deck.

Eternal Scourge

Eternal Scourge 3

  • Creature - Eldrazi Horror
  • You may cast Eternal Scourge from exile.
  • When Eternal Scourge becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, exile it.
  • 3/3

This card could be great for Modern Eldrazi decks. It doesn’t get value with Elder Deep-Fiend, but it is pretty much impossible to kill outside of combat. I would expect it to, at the very least, be a good sideboard card against control decks, though it could see mainboard play if it ends up being better than Matter Reshaper or Eldrazi Skyspawner.

Lupine Prototype

Affinity in Modern jumps to mind as a potential home for this powerful but difficult to use card. That deck often empties its hand on turn 3, making this card a potential house. I doubt this will be useable in Standard, as there aren’t ways to empty your hand very quickly that make this worth it. Awesome card though, I hope it doesn’t go too wrong.

I asked for some sweet cards yesterday, and WOTC answered my call! All but 3 of these could potentially see constructed play, and several are undoubtedly going to be forces in different formats. I look forward to more great spoilers tomorrow, see you then!

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