Day two of spoiler season has yielded far less than day one. In fact, the most interesting card as far as Constructed is concerned was spoiled yesterday evening:


A card that immediately warrants comparisons with cards like Remand and Venser, Shaper Savant is bound to be a good card. I would argue that it isn’t as good as either, but it is clear to me that it will be a Standard staple until it rotates.

Remand, while not as flexible, is significantly more powerful, since it cantrips. A Modern staple, it would be too good for Standard (at least in R&D’s estimation), but this comes close. While the ability to send a spell packing is the most powerful of the card’s effects, returning something to its owner’s hand (even if it is uncounterable) adds a ton of flexibility and utility against cards like Ormendahl, Profane Prince.

Just consider for a moment a deck like Bant Collected Company or UW/UR Fliers. Consider what this card does in that type of deck. In the later turns (4-6, etc.) a card like this can represent a substantial mana advantage when an opponent attempts to tap out for something to stabilize or race.

Plus we get to play this alongside Reflector Mage for the next few months. That is good news, I guess. Depending on your point of view.

Take Inventory
Galvanic Bombardment
It’s Accumulated Knowledge and Kindle! Okay, not quite. Take Inventory is just strictly worse than its historic counterpart, while Galvanic Bombardment is better... except it isn’t good in Red Aggro/Burn decks. Great. Accumulated Knowledge is a fantastic card that would certainly see play in any Standard control deck that has a fair amount of card filtering/graveyard interaction. Without a heavily graveyard-oriented deck, Knowledge would only see play in control, where games go long enough that you will almost always see at least two copies. When it is sorcery speed, I think you would just need a graveyard-centric deck for this to work, which are few and far between in Standard. No self-respecting Blue control deck would want to play a sorcery speed cheap draw spell. If Standard control decks don’t respect themselves, maybe this will see play after all, but no one will be happy about it. Galvanic Bombardment, on the other hand, strikes me as a slightly worse Fiery Impulse. Fiery Impulse used to be quite good in Standard, but recently the meta has not favored it. It will almost certainly see quite a bit of play at various points, but don’t expect it to ever be outstanding. ![Emrakul's Influence](/blog/imgs/EMN/628/img3.jpg) This hardly even needs a translation if you just read through the French. But here it is: ![Emrakul's Influence Translation](/blog/imgs/EMN/628/img4.jpg) That pretty much sums it up. Casting a 7 cost Eldrazi is a pretty sure indication that you are way ahead. Maybe this sees niche play in commander, but it shouldn’t be played anywhere else. The rest of the cards spoiled today were super cool but niche transform cards, and some not very cool and super mediocre intro pack rares.
Docent of Perfection
Final Iteration
The story of Delver of Secrets has finally been completed, folks. Evidently Perfected Form wasn’t perfect enough: with the coming of Emrakul, we have one more iteration. This is a great limited card, but don’t expect it to see any constructed play. Do expect it to see a lot of Commander play in Wizard decks.
Lone Rider
It That Rides as One

While this isn’t going to be great in a ton of decks, that Human subtype has popped up again to great effect. The White Weenie Humans decks will certainly play this card, at the very least in the sideboard against other Humans decks. If Humans can do anything, it is make small creatures big, with any two of Gryff’s Boon, Thalia’s Lieutenant, and Always Watching, in addition to the occasional Gideon, Ally of Zendikar emblem, or a surged Reckless Bushwhacker. It may still be too hard to flip for the maindeck, but I strongly suspect that testing will prove it to be great in the mirror.

Grizzled Angler
Grisly Anglerfish

This is one of the better plays on words in Magic, but outside of limited this card won’t see any play. I would not be surprised if it was outstanding in limited as a graveyard/delirium enabler that becomes a pretty bomby creature.

And yes, that is the Grizzled Angler’s face on the Anglerfish’s angler-thing. Grisly.

Sanctifier of Souls
Niblis of Frost
Noosegraf Mob
Assembled Alphas
Ulvenwald Observer

Intro pack rares are bulk. Most of these are even mediocre in Limited. I would never be sad about first picking a Niblis of the Frost, but the rest of these are pretty bad.

See ya’ll tomorrow!

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