Android is Here

After months of development we now have the initial version of the Android app in the Google Play Store! We were able to get it in just in time to be able to prep for Oath of the Gatewatch. We'll continue to make improvements and get it to a feature parity state with iOS as soon as we can.

We're really excited to release the app for Android! Thanks for being patient and we look forward to the feedback you have. Leave a comment below with any feature requests!

Magic Draft Set Selection Screen

Good luck in your prep for the new set!

Happy playing.

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A photo of Trent EllingsenTrent Ellingsen

Trent Ellingsen is a casual magic player going to FNMs about once a month and at least one GP a year. He enjoys playing EDH and often organizes game nights with his wife at home often. His passion for Magic led him to create 5 Color Combo and the drafting simulator app.

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