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Eldritch Moon Spoilers are out and it’s time to prep for the prerelease. This is a list of all the top uncommons that could be a blow out during combat. Keep these in mind during EMN draft and sealed. Also, Don’t forget about the best way to practice your bathroom sealed! Let’s get started.

10. Give No Ground

Give No Ground will likely play very similarly to Drogskol Shieldmate if you have any sort of board presence. It gives you 2 more power than you had before and gives all your blocks a more toughness. It gets the #7 slot though because the setup cost is much easier to have just 1 creature but it does cost 4 to play.

9. Savage Alliance

Savage Alliance when looked at as a 3 mana shock it’s pretty inefficient. For instance if your opponent is paying 3 to kill your 2 drop then you’re ahead on tempo by 1 mana. However, if they pay 4, then they can start getting some good value especially if you have any amount of 1 toughness creatures. It can kill both your Weirded Vampire and your Graf Rats. Note that it’s 1 damage only to opponents creatures.

8. Spreading Flames

Spreading Flames has some serious pros and cons. Its got some great things going for it. Not only can it deal 6 damage divided among any number creatures, it's an instant! However, keep in mind that you may imagine games where your opponent is taking out 4 weenies with this, but 7 mana is a real cost. If an aggressive deck is getting blown out by this, then the deck probably isn't getting in damage as fast as it wants anyways. The power level of this card will depend on how fast the format Eldritch Moon will be.

7. Ruthless Disposal

Ruthless Disposal is difficult to evaluate but when looking at what it can kill, there's no doubt it's got a high ceiling. If you've got some fatties that you are banking on to win the game, this can easily ruin your plans if they have even 1 creature on the board.

6. Ride Down

Ride Down only destroys blocking creatures. So it works best in an aggressive strategy. Watch out if your opponent is attacking with their weenie into your big butt creatures. Just take 1.

5. Abandon Reason

Abandon Reason can be an efficient 2 for 1 when your opponent is blocking. It does go up in the ranks if they have some good black bears or other discard outlets.

4. Murder

Yup. Murder’s back.

3. Clear Shot

THIS IS NOT A FIGHT CARD. It’s one sided damage and they get +1/+1 till end of turn. This could easily be a 2 for 1 if they’ve got Swift Spinner and you attacked into it with Brazen Wolves and Weirded Vampire.

2. Drogskol Shieldmate

Drogskol Shieldmate can quickly turn a favorable attack you had into a huge blowout for you. Your opponent gets another body to block with and if they want to double block, that’s 2 more points of toughness you didn’t get to calculate.

1. Blessed Alliance

Blessed Alliance has a lot of flexibility. It can be a quick 2 for 1 when you attack into your opponent’s 2 tapped creatures. It can be a 3 for one if they have 4 open mana if you attack 2 creatures into their tapped creature board. It even gives 4 life. It’s almost worth a card if you are trying to burn them out, but if they have any other reasons to utilize life gain then they are doing it.

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