Brewing in Android Version 2.8

We've just added some new features to our MTG App to make brewing decks on Android better.

The basic idea is that when you see a deck you like, or cards in a deck you like, you can select those cards, and copy those to either a new or existing deck. A similar feature is being able to add cards to a deck from the card search screen as well.

Here's a screenshot walk through of the feature.

Selecting The Cards

When you come to a deck with a sweet synergy or set of powerful cards you'd like to brew with, select each card you'd like to use and tap Copy Cards.

Add To The Deck

After the cards have been copied, you'll be taken to the deck list screen where you can either tap on an existing deck to add the cards, or start a new deck with the cards.

Add Through Search

You can also find cards in the search tab and add them in a similar way too. Tap Add To Deck after selecting the card and you can specify how many you'd like to add. In the same way as before, you're taken to the deck list screen to add the cards to a new or existing deck.

Download The App

This feature is on Android first and will be coming to iOS soon as well. If you'd like to download the app, here are the links!

A photo of Trent EllingsenTrent Ellingsen

Trent Ellingsen is a casual magic player going to FNMs about once a month and at least one GP a year. He enjoys playing EDH and often organizes game nights with his wife at home often. His passion for Magic led him to create 5 Color Combo and the drafting simulator app.