You know how last week I was talking about Cryptbreaker, a card that might make Zombies viable in Standard? Well today I will be talking about, among other things, a card that will, without a doubt, make some sort of Spirits/Fliers aggro/control deck work in Standard. With cards like Reflector Mage, Unsubstantiate, Rattlechains, and this:

Spell Queller

...U/W Fliers/Spirits is looking to be a very formidable deck. Prepare for many a spell to be quelled, folks. Aggro-Control is coming to Standard. While Standard does go big enough that this won’t always be the most powerful card, it is still a 2/3 flash flier for 3, which is not a bad worst case scenario at all, especially when the payoff is so high.

In Modern, while I doubt this will be a format staple due to the presence of Lightning Bolt, this could be an outstanding sideboard card for Jeskai Control decks. Playing it against decks where you want to apply pressure and interact as well as expect it to have boarded out removal or have never had it in the first place. This is a pretty nutty card, expect to see it a lot in Standard and beyond.

Chaos Reveler

Chaos Reveler 6RR

  • Creature - Devil Horror
  • Chaos Reveler costs 1 mana less to cast for each instant or sorcery card in your graveyard.
  • Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)
  • When Chaos Reveler enters the battlefield, discard your hand, then draw three cards.
  • 3/4

While the power of this card is not obvious, a cost reduction effect like this should not be underrated, and the ability to reload (albeit not as much as you might want) after casting a million cheap spells should not be overlooked. I don’t expect this to make waves in Standard, but in a format like Modern, where there are indeed a million cheap spells (plus Thought Scour, a Delver-style deck with cards like this, Thing in the Ice and Young Pyromancer could be absolutely ridiculous. In fact, this and Thing really are a great match. I look forward to building and playing with this card. It is a shame that UR Delver/Spells has recently gained such a plethora of powerful tools in Modern, but they are all creatures. We need some good spells to really elevate the deck.

Permeating Mass

Well this is funny. It is hard to tell (as everyone on Reddit has been saying) whether this is great or some sort of joke. Will it see any sort of Standard play? Is it good in limited? While I don’t know for sure, I think that in the right shell this can do a great job of slowing down the game to a crawl on the ground. 1/3s don’t attack into each other particularly profitably.

I look forward to trying this in limited, where the control decks are creature based (helping to enable this card to take over the game) and the power level is low enough that it could be absurd. I think, if your opponent plays well against it, it may not ever do much at all.

Nahiri's Wrath

Let’s get this out of the way first: this is the best limited card in the set, hands down, and I can hardly imagine any card replacing it. It is efficient and lets you use extra lands plus 1 or two real cards to Plague Wind your opponent. Please (please please please) never pass this card.

In Constructed, I also expect this to be pretty absurd. While the red limited bombs like Rolling Thunder are not efficient enough for Standard, this card screams efficiency. While it isn’t the greatest topdeck, it can singlehandedly win in the midgame. It isn’t for every metagame or every matchup, but the power level is clearly there and this will, without a doubt, see some amount of play in Standard, possibly sideboard play elsewhere.

Falkenrath Reaver

Now, after over two decades of Magic, red has a bear. The only color left is blue, I wonder when, or if, that will ever happen.

I find it interesting, actually, that this is really that big of a deal. Giving a color a bear does not change anything about the color: it is the context surrounding the meaning of a bear that is relevant. Green got it because a 2/2 for 2 used to be efficient. It used to be the common-level equivalent of a “large creature.” Now, green gets GG 3/3s (and Tarmogoyf, but that is beside the point), white gets WW 2/3s, and red gets 1G 2/2s. Power creep at its finest.

Dark Salvation

This is a good card in limited, but, like Rolling Thunder it is not efficient enough for constructed, even in a Zombie deck. 2B Sorcery make a 2/2 and kill a creature is fine, but nothing special; even if it does see some play in that type of deck, it won’t be great.

If you spend 27 mana (-2 for each Zombie you already control), then this can kill Emrakul. Flavor win... sort of.

Campaign of Vengeance

If you haven’t read the namesake Magic Story for this card, then I recommend you do. As a Sorin fan, I am unbearably salty. Ugh.

Fortune's Favor

While I doubt this is particularly playable (obviously worse than Fact or Fiction probably worse than Steam Augury) it is easily the coolest card spoiled today, rivalling Gifts Ungiven in the level of thinking and mind games involved. I can’t wait to play with and against this in limited, and I hope it finds its way into a few Standard decks.

Well, that’s all for today! Just one more day of spoilers before we see the full set!

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